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Solar roof tiles are the current new trend

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Solar roof tiles, also known as solar shingles, are basically small solar panels that can generate electricity from solar power. This type of roof is considered as a constructional solution in the future for the generation of solar power materials.

Solar roof tiles work similar to solar panels, but they act as part of the roofs instead of getting screwed to the system as before. The tiles are made up of PV cells, and when sunlight shines on them, an electric field is created, providing sustainable electricity for indoor use.

Solar roof tiles

An electrical wiring system will be connected to the roofs to transmit electricity from the energy roof tiles to the electrical system in the house. In addition, it is necessary to install an inverter to convert DC electricity generated from roof tiles into AC electricity.

The amount of electricity produced will depend on the amount of sunlight the roofs get exposed. More electricity will be created on summer days than on cloudy days. Keeping the roof tiles clean will help to keep them running at maximum efficiency.

The design of solar roof tiles also affects the energy efficiency that they generate. For example, tiles are designed to lie next to one another, and not overlapping, which will help to create more energy as a result of larger surface exposed to sunlight. 

Each tile has a length of about 35cm and a width of about 21cm, with crystalline silicon cell technology to bring energy efficiency and to ensure home aesthetics. This is one of the sustainable solutions for future construction projects.