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The reasons why you might invest in “Solar Power” system

These are the reasons why you might invest in “Solar Power” system.

You have headaches when getting high electricity bills every month – feel frustrated, jittery when power outages affect daily life and work – get prevented from achieving a modern and environmentally friendly life … These are the reasons why you should consider to invest in solar power systems for your homes or offices.

The sharp increase in electricity prices in the peak months of the dry season is a permanent concern of most households from urban to rural areas, not to mention the fear for the alternate power outages due to the lack of electricity. It is imaginable that you get annoyed by power outages and high electricity bills. Is there a way both to save electricity monthly and not to worry about power outages?

In fact, for us the immediate solution to power outages is the use of electric generators, or many people accept to “live with floods”, and endure day by day until there is electricity. Although electric generators are known to be very convenient, the use of gasoline to operate also causes a significant financial loss to households. Besides, they not only have very loud and annoying noise, but also pollute the environment. It is known that this is just a temporary solution, but everyone is expected to refrain from using it because it can affect the people around and their kids because of CO2.

If your family is using 3kW/1h and solar power just provides 2kW/1h, then a two-way electric meter (energy meter) will record. Therefore, the national electric grid will supplement 1kWh to make sure your family’s power consumption will not be interrupted. On average each month, you can save more than 50% of electricity price.

How much is the investment?

For a detailed price list & advice for each project, customers can make specific quotation requests here:

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You can refer to the projects implemented by EHCMC

If you want to build houses to live for more than 30-50 years without any repairs, choose a reputable and professional construction contractor – to install solar power systems that are able to work for 30-50 years – like EHCMC. We hope to cooperate in implementing solar power projects and bring more convenience to the customers!